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News Agency of Turkmenistan will cooperate with BELTA

The State News Agency of Turkmenistan (TDH) signed a memorandum on mutual cooperation with BELTA (Belarusian Telegraph Agency). The same agreement was concluded between BELTA and the Georgian news agency (GHN).

In the format of this agreement, news, videos and photos will be exchanged with each other. During the coverage of delegations' visits abroad and other important events, the countries will be able to provide information support.

BELTA produces about 150-170 pieces of content per day, reflecting the main news in the economic, political, social, sports and cultural life of Belarus. In addition, information is published about important decrees of the country's leadership and international agreements. Materials are published in different languages - Belarusian and Russian, German, English, as well as Chinese and Spanish.

State news agency of Turkmenistan is engaged in news about the most important events in the public, economic, political, social, sports and cultural spheres of the country. The publication languages are Turkmen, Russian and English. TDH fills and promotes a number of web-resources covering cultural events in the country.

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