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International experts: Disposable face masks ineffective against coronavirus

Disposable masks do not protect against coronovirus. By such a conclusion came from international health experts working around the world.

Viral particles are able to penetrate through the fabric because they are much smaller than the fibrous mesh of disposable masks. In addition, this product does not fit tightly on the face, which also causes the virus to enter the human body. Such a "protective barrier" should not be worn for more than two hours, since condensation from breathing provokes the reproduction of bacteria. Masks with a higher standard of protection, such as N99 (FFP3) are more reliable, but create a lack of oxygen, which leads to breathing difficulties. In addition, it is important to properly dispose of used masks. They should be sterilized and incinerated at high temperatures, otherwise they are an additional source of spreading infection. The advantage of disposable masks is that they help you avoid touching your hands to your nose and mouth and therefore reduce the risk of contracting the virus.

"There is very little evidence that wearing disposable masks protects the wearer from infection," explains Dr. Ben Killingly, consultant in acute medicine and infectious diseases at University College London Hospital in the United Kingdom. "In addition, wearing masks can give a person a false sense of security and lead them to ignore other infection control methods, such as hand hygiene." - Ben Killingly emphasized.

WHO recommends the use of masks for those who care for infected patients, remembering that the main point of protection against the virus should be hand hygiene.

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