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OSCE hosts webinar on use of digital tools in journalism

The OSCE Centre in Ashgabat organized a webinar aimed at informing Turkmenistan's media about the use of digital tools in journalism. In addition to media representatives, delegates from various ministries and agencies took part in the event. Foreign experts in the field of journalism shared their experience with the webinar participants.

The online event was opened by V. Makarenko, a journalist from Gazeta Wyborcza, the Polish capital. In his presentation, he spoke about the stages of development of electronic media and the competition between them and other sources of information - blogs, video channels, and social networks. The journalist also shared information about working with various network resources to promote their own brand and interaction with other media, and analyzed the situation on the market.

The second part of the webinar was devoted to the changes in the presentation of information that have occurred during the period of digitalization. The general director of the Russian publishing house Altapres told the audience about this.

It was emphasized that today's viewer and reader is becoming not just a consumer of information, but an active participant in its production. This is facilitated by the active use of digital technologies by modern people. Therefore, feedback for the existence and work of the media is now more important than ever. Many companies and government agencies also create their own websites to always know the opinion of citizens, consumers of services.

The seminar participants thanked the experts for their informative presentations, noting that they would certainly improve the quality of Turkmenistan's electronic media.


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