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Turkmenistan's contribution to solving the world's water use problem assessed

Turkmenistan's contribution to solving the world's water use problem assessed

Turkmenistan's scientist, scientific observer for, doctor of technical sciences Allaberdy Ilyasov evaluated Turkmenistan's contribution to solving the global problem of water use. In his analytical review article he detailed the multifaceted activities of the Turkmen state in the field of reasonable water use and increasing water resources of the planet, because water is the most important substance not only for living organisms, but also for state economies. Thus, fresh water is irreplaceable. It has been and is used by the population of the Earth for domestic, agricultural, industrial and other needs. According to rough estimates, fresh water accounts for only 2.5% of the total volume of water on earth. Most of it (68.7%) is in the form of ice and snow.

Traditionally, the scientist made an excursion into history and told that for many centuries, water has been used thoughtlessly, which makes the issue of water depletion especially acute today. In the last three decades, entire regions of global water resources have been continuously polluted and depleted. As a result, they can no longer meet the steadily increasing demands. All this will have a negative impact on economic progress and population growth in the near future.

As Dr. Ilyasov notes, nowadays one of the fundamental directions of Turkmenistan's foreign policy activity is exactly Water Diplomacy. It is aimed at multilevel interaction in this important direction and formation of special progressive practices with effective opportunities, which will be useful for all people in the world.

Speaking about the initiative of the Turkmen leader, which he voiced during the VII World Water Forum in the Republic of South Korea, the expert described it as one that allowed popularizing within the UN a new course of diplomatic activity. It was especially emphasized that reasonable use of water resources will be not only a guarantee of environmental well-being, but also one of the key components of global sustainable development.

Talking about active participation of Turkmenistan in the world programs aimed to solve this problem, Dr. Ilyasov noted that by these actions the country makes a significant contribution to their practical implementation. Among goals and objectives of the state is multilateral partnership allowing to establish a systematic dialogue for the sake of detailed consideration of issues related to water resources rehabilitation and their reasonable use.

Speaking about the latter, the scientist emphasized that among the key vectors of interstate cooperation of Turkmenistan one of the main ones is the restoration of water resources, combating desertification and climate change.



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