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Oguz Khan Innovation Complex in Ashgabat [video report]

The Oghuz Khan University of Engineering and Technology has an innovative scientific complex, where students work on their research projects in various laboratories.

The Green Chemistry Research and Production Center, located on the compound, is working on production methods that are environmentally friendly. The center, also works on extracting biofuels from cotton weeds. According to a student working in related research, after burning such biofuel, carbon dioxide is released, which is completely absorbed by plants during photosynthesis.

One of the laboratories located in the Oguz Khan Innovation Complex is called the Center for Scientific Production of Beauty and Biotechnology. The center also produces various room fragrances. Black nightshade is used to produce essential oil, and corn is used to produce starch. The Center also analyzes the composition of tea mushroom and works to produce antibiotics.

The Institute of General and Applied Biology, located in the innovation complex, produces bio-fertilizers that regulate the mineral balance of the soil and do not contain chemicals. The Institute of General and Applied Biology is also working on extracting oils from various plants and producing dry dyes from them.

The complex's laboratories prepare new food additives and various colorings using food biotechnology. These developments are aimed at increasing the number of research activities related to the food sector.

At the Innovation Complex Robotics Research Center, students develop a variety of industrial robots. The Robotics Research Center explores robot technology that is available for use in teaching and learning activities, and they are reprogrammed.

The Scientific and Production Center of Ecological Biotechnology conducts various scientific activities on wastewater treatment. A lot of work has also been done on recycling solid waste and producing new materials from it.

At the university's Center for Biotechnology and Genetics, students conduct research on genetic engineering. Here they learn how to harvest more crops on less land. The Center for Biotechnology and Genetics works on technology to extract essential oils from plants for aromatherapy, extract biomass from chlorella, and extract salts from licorice root for the food and pharmaceutical industry. Here, too, is the processing of harmal seed for medical use.

In the innovation complex, university students also created a prototype of a smart home. The smart home project, which is currently in the process of modernization, is expected to be fully ready by the end of May this year. The project is being prepared for use in new residential buildings under construction in Ashgabat.

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