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Imperial Eagle and Griffon Vulture recorded in Turkmenistan for the first time

The employees of the Kaplankyr Nature Reserve have noted a quantitative growth as well as an expansion of the species diversity of birds in the northern part of Turkmenistan. For example, this year ornithologists managed to record for the first time the white-headed vulture and the Imperial Eagle, which is included in the Red Book. Experts attribute this surprising phenomenon to the formation of new living conditions in the desert lands, which emerged thanks to the Turkmen lake created near the border of the Reserve.

Another finding of ornithologists was the appearance of a hawk turkey in Dashoguz province. It may have chosen Lake Uzin-shor for wintering, although its usual habitat is the gorges of the Central Kopetdag and Badkhyz.

Meanwhile, the Khazar Nature Reserve in the west of the country is preparing to welcome flamingos, which, according to Kazakh media, have already flown to Aktau, Kazakhstan.


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