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Lake "Altyn Asyr" will be filled at the expense of water from the mudflow structures

The construction of watersheds in Turkmenistan has always been high on the agenda of government meetings. Crop cultivation and distant-pasture cattle breeding are vital aspects of the country's development.

The commissioning of a series of water collectors built near Ashgabat to divert debris flows during the rainy season will allow the artificial lake basin to be filled.

All structures of this project are built with high seismicity in mind. The structures of the catchment area sequences are so strong that they can withstand even the largest earthquakes.

In addition, the water will not only be purified, but also clarified. This will help significantly reduce its mineral salt content, which will have a beneficial effect on the cultivation of crops and increase their productivity. Simultaneously with water replenishment, mudflows will be isolated during the spring period.



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