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Ashgabat Conservatory hosts chamber music concert

Last Sunday, every resident of Turkmenistan had the opportunity to enjoy chamber music at a concert held at the Ashgabat Conservatory.

Through the efforts of students and their distinguished teachers from the chamber ensemble department, a creative report was organized for guests of the capital and musicians of the Republic.

The program included compositions by both classical and contemporary composers that were particularly loved by the audience.

The musicians performed works for violin, piano, and cello.

Performances by student soloists and famous Turkmen folk singers were especially well received.

High skills of future great musicians are honed within the walls of the Conservatory under the guidance of nationally renowned teachers, who in their time enjoyed well-deserved popularity in artistic circles.

Works by Italian composers concluded the musicians' performances at the reporting event, which lasted for a week, giving everyone the opportunity to immerse themselves in the enchanting sounds of the performed musical works.



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