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Ambassador of Turkmenistan meets Rector of La Sapienza University in Rome

Ambassador of Turkmenistan meets Rector of La Sapienza University in Rome

Head of the diplomatic mission of Turkmenistan in Italy Toily Komekov met with Rector of La Sapienza University of Rome Antonella Polimeni. The main issue discussed during the meeting was interaction of a number of universities of Turkmenistan with La Sapienza University. Among them was the State University named after Makhtumkuli Fraternity and the University of Tashkent. The main issue discussed at the meeting was interaction between a number of universities in Turkmenistan and La Sapienza University. M.Karriyev State Medical University, with which partnership relations are expected to be formed. The parties also discussed the implementation of joint research activities, the exchange of experiences and internships for teachers and students. The participants also discussed the possibility of organizing a variety of joint conferences and other events on the basis of Sapienza University.

The visit of the Turkmen leader to Italy in November 2019 opened a new stage in the development of Turkmen-Italian cooperation in the cultural, scientific and educational spheres.

Rector of La Sapienza A. Polimeni emphasized her interest in establishing cooperation with the State Medical University of Turkmenistan, carrying out joint scientific research at the University of Rome and receiving teachers and students of Turkmen universities to exchange experiences.

The history of the University of Rome "La Sapienza" began in 1303. Today it is one of the oldest universities on the planet. It has 11 faculties and also schools with special status, the university trains 113,000 students. The faculties of Law, Pharmacy, Medicine and the School of Advanced Studies of Sapienza University are especially popular. It has educated many people who have succeeded in politics and social activities, including the current President of Italy, Sergio Mattarella.

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