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The British Embassy organized a greening campaign in Ashgabat

The British Embassy organized a spring tree-planting event at the Ak Altyn Hotel to support the Turkmen government's efforts to plant trees and protect the environment by bringing the younger generation closer to nature. Embassy staff, about 60 young volunteers, and youth from the Yenme NGO and the Center for People with Disabilities took part in this tree planting event. In total, more than 80 trees were planted - maple, plane tree, ash, and mulberry.

"We are very pleased to take part in the greening of our city. It is right that every year in our country alleyways are planted, squares are laid. We, the youth, always take and will take an active part in planting trees. We could not but join the good deed today, organized by the British Embassy on the eve of the nationwide tree planting campaign", - said the young participants of the action.

"It has been a pleasure and a privilege to meet such talented, friendly and motivated young people, and I look forward to meeting them again!" said Ms. Ambassador Lucia Wild.

"We hope that our small efforts will help complement national tree planting programs and other environmental activities aimed at combating climate change in Turkmenistan," Ms. Wild added.

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