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Turkmenistan's fire brigades will be replenished with new KAMAZs

By the end of 2020. "KAMAZ" (Tatarstan) plans to transfer another 74 vehicles for use of fire brigades of Turkmenistan. The company's representative in the region, M. Garrifulin, said that 47 vehicles have already been handed over to the Turkmen authorities.

The parties do not intend to stop at this - according to the agreement between KAMAZ and Turkmenevtoulaugary, our country will receive 690 vehicles for various purposes in 2020. It is about flatbed trucks, special vehicles, tankers, road trains, including tractors KAMAZ-5490 with semi-trailers NEFAZ-93341.

In total, in 2019-2021 KAMAZ plans to deliver 1,982 vehicles to Turkmenistan. "KAMAZ plans to deliver 1,982 vehicles to Turkmenistan.


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