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Turkmenistan's President Named New Capital Park

Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov, inspecting significant new buildings in the capital, gave a name to the future park being created near the Karakum Hotel. The national leader suggested calling it Laçyn, which means "falcon" in Turkmen.

The head of state visited the northern part of Ashgabat, where one of the capital's largest new buildings is being built. In addition to the world-class luxury hotel, the spatial ensemble of structures includes a shopping and entertainment complex, a business center and an extensive green area.

An extensive park spread over 10 hectares is sure to please the children living nearby as well. After all, special school №21 and kindergarten, as well as the center of children's creativity "Jahan" are also located in this area. And to make the children safe to cross the road, the project includes the construction of four underpasses. On the territory of the green zone will be located nine fountains - a large central and eight radially located smaller ones. From a bird's eye view, this arrangement will resemble the Oguzkhan star.

Not far from the park is the terminal of the capital's airport, which accepts international flights. It has the shape of a flying falcon. This is what inspired the Turkmen leader to propose the name "Lachin"/"Falcon.

About 9 hectares are allocated for the shopping and entertainment center, which will appropriately complement the social infrastructure of the area.

The President of Turkmenistan also visited the nine-storey Karakum Hotel, which is scheduled to open by the 30th anniversary of state independence. The construction includes 87 rooms, restaurants, swimming pools, tennis court, fitness center and other facilities that a hotel of this level should have. On the territory of the hotel, separately from the main building, there is a business center, shaped like a Turkmen yurt.

A distinctive feature of "Karakum" will be its external appearance. In accordance with the name, the building has the shape of sand dunes, the façade is made in white and gold, and the interior is in sandy tones.

The leader of the nation visited one of the rooms and got acquainted with its amenities. The President noted that the Turkmen people are famous for their traditions of hospitality, so it is very important to provide guests with the most comfortable conditions. Innovative technologies are very helpful in this.


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