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UNDP promotes green transport in Turkmenistan

UNDP promotes green transport in Turkmenistan

UNDP, in cooperation with the Nature Conservation Society of Turkmenistan, held an event in a school in the capital of Turkmenistan to promote "green" transportation among children. The event was organized to coincide with two important dates - World Bike Day, initiated by Turkmenistan and held annually on June 3, and World Day of the Natural Environment Protection, which is held on June 5 every year. The event was held in the framework of the solidarity project of UNDP and the Ministry of Agriculture and Nature Conservation "Sustainable Cities of Turkmenistan". As part of this campaign, bicycle racks were set up in one of the schools in the capital.

In addition, an open lesson was held in accordance with the UNDP and the Nature Conservation Society of Turkmenistan project. It was held in the fresh air and was devoted to ecology. A questionnaire and a quiz were used to help children better absorb the information, as well as to find out the relevance and degree of interest in the topics covered. In particular, the younger generation wanted to know the degree of readiness to use bicycles instead of passenger vehicles to improve the environmental situation in their native city.

It is noted that the use of "green" transport and the implementation of walking not only contributes to improving the environment, but also has a beneficial effect on human health, in particular on the state of the cardiovascular system. This educational activity in the school environment can significantly expand the circle of adherents to the use of "green" transport, since the whole family can ride bicycles.

The equipment of bicycle racks at School No. 21 in Ashgabat is fully consistent with both the objectives of the Project and the state policy of Turkmenistan aimed at protecting the natural environment. By equipping bicycle stations and bicycle racks everywhere, the country aims to reduce the number of motor vehicles used and to switch to alternative "green" transportation.

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