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Turkmenistan's Trade Workers Master Digital Marketing

Trade Workers of Turkmenistan Digital Marketing

Trade workers in Turkmenistan underwent a series of online trainings to master the latest information and marketing technologies. The event took place in all regions of the country. It was organized jointly by UNDP and the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations - the project aims to strengthen Turkmenistan's trade opportunities by attracting the latest global practices and experienced specialists and consultants from other countries.

It is planned that as a result of these activities, the competitiveness of human resources will increase, and human intelligence will be a fundamental motivator of increasing national competitiveness and economic growth. Also, online training will contribute to the diversification of exports and increase the percentage of products with high added value in its composition, reducing the share of imported goods in the Turkmen economy.

Participants in the series of trainings were representatives of the Ministry of Trade and Finance of Turkmenistan, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the State Commodity Exchange, and the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan.

During the online training, Ravinder Raina, an experienced international expert, who has been involved in training and consulting to public and private entities around the world for many years, spoke. He spoke to the attendees at the event about a variety of technological tools practiced globally to boost domestic retail and wholesale trade, as well as to promote exports and attract potential buyers of Turkmenistan-made products.

The participants of the online seminar also discussed advanced global experience in the use of information and communication technologies in commerce, effective marketing strategies, the principles of e-commerce and its information flows, and global trends in this segment. The participants of the online training received certificates upon its completion.

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