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Remdesivir is approved in the United States to treat COVID-19

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Remdesivir for use in extremely severe situations caused by COVID-19.

The FDA reported that clinical results obtained by immunologist and infectious disease specialist Anthony Fauci show a reduction in the recovery time of many patients when Remdesivir is given, although the fullest details regarding the effect and safety of this medication are not yet available. For the group of patients given Remdesivir, the recovery period was eleven days, while for the placebo group it was fifteen days.

Remdesivir in the United States is now approved for use in adults and children with COVID-19 aggravation - for acute lung failure.

Remdesivir was developed by the U.S. Army Infectious Disease Research Institute and Gilead Sciences. The result of research back in 2015, Remdesivir has been approved and used in the treatment of Ebola, SARS and MERS infections.


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