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Ashgabat will host a junior soccer championship

On May 5-10 at the stadium in Gokja in the capital of Turkmenistan will be held soccer matches among teams of boys born in 2002. The competition will be organized by the Ministry of Sports and Youth Policy and the country's Football Federation.

According to the FFT, eight teams representing Ashgabat and all velayats of Turkmenistan will take the field. Participants are divided into two groups: "A" ("Balkan", "Lebap", "Akhal", "Ashgabat") and "B" ("Dashoguz", "Mary", SDYUSHOR, "Olymp").

In the first round of May 5 the teams "Balkan"-"Ashgabat" and "Lebap"-"Akhal" will fight in group "A", in group "B" - "Mary"-SDYUSHOR and "Dashoguz"-"Olimp". The next day in the second round of the tournament the participants of group "B": "Mary"-"Dashoguz" and "SDYUSHOR"-"Olimp" and group "A": "Ashgabat"-"Akhal", "Balkan"-"Lebap" will meet. The third round, scheduled for May 7, will bring together on the field of teams in the following order: Group "A" - "Lebap"-"Ashgabat", "Akhal"-"Balkan", Group "B" - SDYUSHOR-Dashoguz, "Mary"-"Olimp".

After a May 8 weekend, May 9 games for 5th and 7th place will take place, as well as the championship semifinals, where the winners of 1st and 2nd place in each group will compete. The final match will be May 10 at 11 a.m.


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