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Atajan Tagan's novel to be translated into French

Ashgabat, June 13, /Arzuw NEWS/. The French Institute hosted an event dedicated to the translation of Atajan Tagan's historical-documentary novel "Alien" into French.

Atajan Tagan

The organizers of the French Institute in Turkmenistan presented an exhibition devoted to the life story of Henri Coulibeuf de Blockville, who was captured in 1860 by the Tekean Turkmens. Also on display were competitive works by 14 artists from Turkmenistan. The winner's illustration will be used as the cover for the book of the novel "The Stranger" in French. Guests of the exhibition took part in the competitive voting of the artists' works. Students of the FIT Theater Circle showed their first theatrical production of the novel in French.

At the end of the event was raffled tickets to the theatrical production at the Pushkin Theater.

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