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Russian foresters sent the first batch of Christmas trees and pine trees to Turkmenistan

It is impossible to fully enjoy the main holiday of the year, the New Year, without fir trees. Despite the fact that the Christmas and New Year holidays are still more than a month away, Russian forestry specialists have sent more than 3,500 forest beauties to Turkmenistan.

The delivered conifers underwent strict ecological control, and only after that they were delivered to the Turkmen soil. Having verified the absence of quarantine trees, the suppliers of spruce trees were given special permits to sell the products not only in different regions of the Russian Federation, but also to foreign countries.

Foresters of Perm Krai are the main suppliers of Christmas trees and pine trees to Turkmen homes. Each family will have an opportunity to buy a fluffy Christmas tree by the end of the year. The first trainload of pine trees is just the beginning of supplies of Christmas goods to Turkmenistan.

Prepared for shipment to all regions more than two dozen thousand copies of firs and pines - which are the main attribute of the New Year.



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