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Turkmen National Conservatory hosts festival of young talents

Solo and group performances by talented young musicians and conservatory students, who delight listeners with their virtuoso playing, are held everywhere in Turkmenistan during the November festival. The concerts' program includes works of classical and contemporary national music and jazz compositions.

The reeded woodwind instrument, the bassoon, captivates the ear with its gentle sound.

The classical works by Russian and foreign composers are invariably popular with Turkmen listeners. The variety of musical works gave the guests and participants of the festival an opportunity to enjoy both the energetic Hungarian music and the melodic line of some works by world-class composers.

The Conservatory's talented young musicians captivated the audience with works of increasing difficulty of performance, giving them an opportunity to explore the vast possibilities of the bassoon, clarinet, and other musical instruments.

The creative heritage of famous composers has been brought to the attention of a huge audience of music lovers, thanks to the festival held in Turkmenistan.



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