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Romania is interested in more active interaction with Turkmenistan

Romania is interested in more active cooperation with Turkmenistan - it plans to increase the number of its companies in the region, and would like to see more Turkmen companies in their country. For instance, the Romanian Economy Ministry said the Turkmen-Romanian partnership is of particular interest to the manufacturers of equipment for the oil and gas industry. Romanian companies PETAL SA, CONFIND SA and UZTEL SA have already received good feedback from the Turkmen side for the high quality of their products.

At the same time, Romania expresses its willingness to work more closely at the political and governmental level. The Ministry of Economy expressed confidence that the two sides will certainly strengthen and develop partnerships. The energy sector is particularly interesting in this regard.

The Romanian ministry noted the presence of highly qualified specialists in the energy sphere in both countries. This will make it possible to develop and implement Turkmen-Romanian projects that can have a beneficial effect on the economies of both countries.

Romania hopes to resume bilateral relations with Turkmenistan on energy issues as soon as possible. This applies not only to online communication, but also to face-to-face meetings. The latter are especially important, as they allow the representatives of business structures of Turkmenistan and Romania to obtain the most relevant and specific data on the trade opportunities of markets and ways to access them in the region.


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