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Silkworm in Turkmenistan has become more active in landscaping

Silkworm in Turkmenistan is increasingly used in landscaping. It is especially popular in Dashoguz province. In 2020, four times more mulberry seedlings were planted than in the previous year. Only during the greening event, held in all corners of the country on March 21, several thousand young mulberry trees were planted in the north.

Soil and climatic conditions of the northern region of Turkmenistan are excellent for this tree species. Cultivation of mulberry helps to maintain the ecological balance. For example, trees planted along the contour of fields protect crops from strong winds, prevent decrease of surface groundwater level, prevent moisture evaporation and land degradation.

Increasing the area of silkworm plantations is of key importance for Dashoguz velayat, because that is where the Turkmen silkworm breeding industry is mostly concentrated. The state intends to develop this sphere, increase the volume and improve the quality of silkworm cocoons produced in Turkmenistan. It is expected that 500 tons of silkworm cocoons will be produced in the northern province.

Silkworm is characterized by a wide range of uses. Its leaves are used as fodder for silkworm caterpillars, its fruits are not only used for food, but also due to their high content of vitamins and trace elements, they found their application in medicine and cosmetology. And even dried tree trunks are transformed by skilled craftsmen into dutar - the national musical instrument. And in the end, the mulberry tree has excellent decorative properties and can decorate any landscape.


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