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Sochi kittens of the leopard Alous from Turkmenistan got names

At the Leopard Population Restoration Center, which operates in Sochi National Park, a pair of leopards gave birth to two cubs on October 11. It is noteworthy that The male Alous was brought from Turkmenistanhis female Cheri is from Iran.

After 2 rounds of vaccinations in February 2021, the kittens were chosen names. 6-kilograms. The babies were named Laura and Hosta - in honor of the rivers of the Sochi National Park and the Caucasus Biosphere Reserve.

The main goal of the Center is to develop the natural qualities of wild leopards in order to prepare them for their natural way of life. That is why kittens here are instilled with fear of humans from a young age and such contacts are restricted.

The Persian leopard is on the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature. In the world there are only about 870-1.3 thousand individuals of this amazing predator.


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