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Students from Turkmenistan developed a virtual tour of the Alley of Inspiration

Freshman students from Turkmenistan have developed a platform that allows them to virtual tour on the landmark of Ashgabat. Its creators, A. Bairamdurdyev and I. Tadjibayev, study at the Institute of Telecommunications and Informatics. Thanks to this development, it is possible to remotely walk the Alley of Inspiration, which is located in the capital of Turkmenistan. The Türkmenaragatnaşyk Agency assisted the young craftsmen in their work.

The students are part of the self-supporting CW "Digital Solution - IT-platform", which was formed on the basis of their home institute. To create the tour, the capabilities of Krpano software were used.

The location of the Alley of Inspiration has been divided into three sectors arranged in chronological order. They include additional information about famous people of Turkmenistan who lived in the country in different time periods.

Across the planet, virtual visits to parks and museums are becoming more and more popular every year. If you have an Internet connection, you can "travel" to almost every corner of the world. Everyone can already take a walk along the Alley in winter, but in the future it will be possible to admire it in other seasons as well.


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