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Coronavirus prevention meeting held in Turkmenistan

The head of Turkmenistan summoned Deputy Prime Minister P. Agamyradov, who heads the Emergency Commission, for a meeting. The head of Turkmenistan convened a meeting of Deputy Prime Minister P. Agamyradov, head of the Extraordinary Commission to The head of Turkmenistan convened Deputy Prime Minister P. Agamyradov, head of the Emergency Commission to Combat the Spread of Disease, and Health Minister N. Amannepesov to to discuss the topic of preventative measures against the new coronavirus.

According to P. Agamyradov, the situation in the country is under heightened control. It concerns, first of all, citizens coming to Turkmenistan from abroad. They are carefully examined by doctors and, if necessary, quarantine them in special detention centers. Departure to For example, all travel to countries where cases of COVID-19 have been registered is restricted, only in cases of official necessity. only in the case of official need.

All modes of transport and Customs checkpoints are manned 24 hours a day and medical examinations are carried out for citizens arriving in Turkmenistan. medical examination of citizens arriving in Turkmenistan. Measures have been introduced in these places to sanitation of transport and inspection of cargo delivered from foreign countries.

Н. Amannepesov emphasized attention to the implementation of vaccination against acute respiratory diseases, and also stressed that the situation in The situation in the capital and the regions is monitored daily, and the WHO reports are being monitored. WHO.

President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov noted the well-coordinated work of government agencies, which has resulted in no recorded cases of coronavirus in Turkmenistan.


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