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Altyn Asyr's rivals in the AFC Cup have been determined

Ashgabat's Altyn Asyr, which reached the group stage of the AFC Cup (the second most important club soccer tournament in Asia), has found out the last participant of Group D. Rival was determined on the basis of qualifying round. For the cherished ticket, Tajik Khujand and Kyrgyz Neftchi fought. The first match held on the territory of Kyrgyzstan ended in a minimal victory for the hosts - 1: 0.

The return match took place today, February 26 in Dushanbe (Tajikistan). Zeros were on the scoreboard until the 34th minute. After a corner kick, Dilshod Bozorov left no chance for the goalkeeper. The second segment of the game passed without scoring a goal.

Players were waiting for an extra half and a penalty shootout. But the penalty shootout didn't come to fruition. In the 107th minute of the second extra time Bozorov sealed his team's lead with a double. The same Bozorov made a huge score on 120 minutes, breaking into the penalty area and beating the "Neftchi" goalkeeper. Khudzhand's captain celebrated his hat trick.

Thus, based on the results of the two confrontations, the club from Tajikistan enters the group stage. In addition to Altyn Asyr, Istiklol (Tajikistan), Dordoi (Kyrgyzstan) and Khujand (Tajikistan) will participate in quartet D. The first round of the AFC Cup for Group D participants will be held March 11. On that day, "Altyn Asyr" will play against "Dordoi" and "Istiklol" will meet with their compatriots - "Khujand".

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