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The Constitutional Commission met

The head of Turkmenistan chaired the necessary The head of Turkmenistan chaired a meeting of the Constitutional Commission necessary for the implementation of the decisions to create a bicameral parliament. of the Constitutional Commission. This is already the third meeting of the Commission, the first two having been held last year. were held last year. During this time important work has been done to study proposals for changes to the Main Law, as well as analysis of international examples. On the basis of the information received the draft "On Amendments and additions to the Constitution of Turkmenistan", which was was presented and discussed at the last meeting.

After hearing the reports of the members of the of the Constitutional Commission, the President of Turkmenistan underscored the main goal of The main goal of the reforms was to increase the influence and powers of Parliament and strengthen democracy. democracy. The draft of the law on constitutional amendments will be subjected to public The draft of the Constitutional amendments will be discussed among the people, then discussed at a meeting of the Khalk Maslakhaty. Maslakhaty and then at a meeting of the Constitutional Commission in July.

The President noted the great interest in the ongoing process, coming from the authorities, political and public organizations, as well as from ordinary citizens. This shows the support of the Turkmen people and understanding of the importance of transforming the lawmaking body at the level of the entire state.


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