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The Turkmenistan Badminton Championship was held

Turkmenistan Badminton Championship finished in the capital's Olympic Village. More than thirty badminton players took part in the sports event, which was organized by the Ministry of Sports and the National Badminton Federation.

Three days were held singles and doubles matches of badminton according to the Olympic system.

Winning the men's singles competition went to the multiple champion of Turkmenistan A. NiyazgulyevThe bronze medal went to K.Altyev, a student of Tashkent State University of Civil Engineering. "Bronze" went to K.Altiev, the student of TGASI.

"Gold in individual duels among women conquered Y. SarkisianR. Dzhumaniyazova in the final. Third place went to A. Muradova.

Men's doubles gold medals added to the list of favorites of the championship - A. Niyazgulyeva and N. ApovaThe main goal of the competition was to provide the best results for the first time in the history of the country.

Winners "gold in women's doubles steel Y. Sarkisyan and R. DzhumaniyazovaThe "silver" - A. Gurbanova and A. Myradova, "bronze" - E. Titova and A. Khaknazarov.

The tournament once again confirmed the leadership of the "backbone" of the Turkmen badminton team.

Source and photo: Neutral Turkmenistan newspaper

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