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Turkmen-British webinar on combating COVID-19 was held

The British Embassy in Ashgabat told Arzuw NEWS that the second Turkmen-British webinar on effective treatment and prevention of COVID-19 was organized by the British Embassy.

Leading experts, doctors and professors from Great Britain shared their knowledge and recent practical experience in confronting COVID-19 with their colleagues from the Turkmen Ministry of Health, the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service, the Center for Public Health and Nutrition.

British specialists described UK strategies to combat COVID-19, measures to prepare for the coming winter season, methods to maintain immunity; presented a clinical overview of steroid treatment, immunotherapy, and treatment with antibodies isolated from the blood of cured patients. Attendees were also informed about the global spread and mutation of COVID-19, the current status of vaccine trials worldwide. An overview was given of ICU protocols, treatment modalities in the UK, including optimal use of oxygen and ventilation. The speakers explained to the Turkmen colleagues the work of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, a method of providing continuous cardiac and respiratory support to people whose heart and lungs cannot provide adequate gas exchange or perfusion to sustain life. The webinar concluded with an interactive discussion of the burning questions.

The COVID-19 global pandemic is the largest public health emergency in the world, calling for a coordinated global effort led by the WHO. The UK is committed to providing support in confronting this threat of our time.

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