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An athlete from Turkmenistan won a bronze medal at the World Weightlifting Championship

Turkmen athlete Hojamuhammet Toichiev was awarded a small bronze medal of the 2018 World Weightlifting Championships during the final day of the Tashkent Asian Championships. The weightlifter received it in his weight - over 109 kg.

Rustam Dzhangabaev, an Uzbek weightlifter, was the original bronze medalist at the 2018 World Cup in this exercise. He lifted 245kg in the clean and jerk. But a doping test revealed he consumed growth hormone. He was disqualified and stripped of his medal.

The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF), having reviewed the results, awarded "bronze" to Turkmen weightlifter Hojamukhammet Toichiev. The weight he lifted in this exercise was 240 kg.

Turkmen weightlifter at the age of 29 not only actively continues to engage in this sport, but also works as a coach at the sports school in Mary. As a master of sports, the champion himself continues to train under the guidance of Ikram Matkarimov, honored coach of Turkmenistan.

Taking part in the Asian Championship, which was held in the capital of Uzbekistan in 2021, Toichiev, acting at a weight of over 109 kg, lifted a total of 404 kg (181 kg - snatch, 223 kg - jerk), eventually coming in 4th place.


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