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A student from Turkmenistan has invented a new method of producing bioplastic for bags

Patma Igdirova, a fourth-year student in the Department of Chemistry and Nanotechnology at the Oguz Khan Engineering and Technology University of Turkmenistan, has developed a new method for producing bioplastics to create single-use bags.

Bioplastic, which she obtained through scientific research, decomposes perfectly in both water and soil without clogging them.

The student conducted the research together with her supervisor, Atamyrat Altiev, a teacher at the Department of Applied Chemistry. The first thing she did was to study the process of producing vegetable starch, which is the basis for modern bioplastics. Initially potato was the basis, but later it was found that the starch produced from corn is the most effective.

Corn contains 70% of starch. Researchers extracted it by boiling with further filtration. The obtained raw material was used as the basic material for bioplastic. Thus, the Turkmen student was among the first in Turkmenistan to create a single-use bag from bioplastic.

According to Patma Igdirova, it takes about a month for the absolute decomposition of a bag made of this material, while similar products made of synthetic materials do not decompose for years. Through experimental observations, the student found that it takes only three weeks for bioplastic to completely dissolve in water. And if decomposition occurs in the soil, it is replenished with organic fertilizer. It follows that the waste bioplastic can build up soil fertility indicators.

Source: Nesil newspaper

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