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"Türkmen-Mahabat of Turkmenistan has established its own production of finished murals

"Türkmen-Mahabat of Turkmenistan has established its own production of finished murals

Individual enterprise "Türkmen-Mahabat" was the first in Turkmenistan to develop the production of ready-made frescoes on an industrial scale. Earlier they were bought abroad, mainly in Russia. But, thanks to the government's import substitution program, Turkmen individual entrepreneurs have managed to organize domestic production of decorative plaster for interior decoration of residential and public buildings. "Türkmen-Mahabat has also mastered the industrial technology of painting walls.

The location of the technical base is Ak Bugday etrap of Akhal velayat. For the creation of industrial frescoes, flatbed printers that perform UV printing are used. UV-printers are applied on wet plaster using water-borne paints. The equipment is capable of executing any image specified by the program. The prepared mural is rolled up and delivered to the place of application. Mounting on the wall or ceiling is done with acrylic glue.

Specialists of IE "Türkmen-Mahabat" have also studied German and Italian technologies of decorative plaster production. The material is based on acrylic, marble flour and additives that give strength and durability. And for the facing to be embossed and characterized by all kinds of design, masters use a special tool - a Venetian spatula.

Türkmen-Mahabat" IE has made a significant contribution to the transformation of the appearance of modern Ashgabat. It was this enterprise that industrially produced about 12 thousand square meters of mosaic modules used to decorate the capital city's buildings. The sketches were created by Turkmen painters, and fragments of colored glass served as material. As a result, the capital's residents and guests can now admire 32 majestic compositions on the end walls of skyscrapers on Makhtumkuli Avenue.

Today, the company's masters are focused on decorating the ground floor of the "Ashgabat" shopping mall. Türkmen-Mahabat IE will also decorate with artistic frescoes five residential new buildings being built in the central part of Dashoguz.

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