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Turkmenistan's GDP growth rate for January-2022 exceeded 6%

Deputy Prime Minister of Turkmenistan S. Berdymukhamedov presented the economic results of the first month of 2022. Thus, the GDP growth for this period amounted to 6.2%.

At the same time, the growth by industry is as follows:

  • Trade - 8.8%
  • Industrial sector - 7.4%
  • Scope of service - 6.1%
  • Transport and Communications Sector - 4%
  • c/o - 3.2%
  • Construction industry - 0.3%.

It was also noted that domestic turnover compared to January-2021 increased by 9.9%, and foreign trade - by 6.3%. The deputy chairman also reported a ten percent increase in the average monthly wage in the segment of large and medium employers.

The head of Turkmenistan, after reviewing statistical data, highlighted the key tasks for ensuring the stable growth of the country's economy.

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