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Turkmenistan builds capacity in cybersports

Turkmenistan builds capacity in cybersports

Turkmenistan is increasing its potential in cybersports. For several years, young Turkmenistanis have been participating in international competitions in cybersports disciplines. Last year, a tournament on the most popular games Dota 2 and CS:GO was held in Ashgabat, where anyone aged 14 and up was able to take part. The cash prize of the tournament was 3,500 manat.

At the international level, cybersports will be one of the program events of the Asian Games 2022, which is scheduled for September 10-25 in Hangzhou, China.

Turkmen cyber athletes also intend to compete for the right to participate in the 14th World Championship. For this purpose, they will take part in qualifying competitions organized by the International E-Sports Federation (IESF).

The world championship itself will be held in Bali from November 27 to December 8 this year. It is expected that cyber athletes from 120 countries will take part in it. And if Turkmenistan successfully passes the qualifying stage - it will also be in this list.

Since cyber sports are team games, winning depends on the development of skills such as communication, strategy, logic, reaction and adaptability. In the future, cybersports gamers can successfully prove themselves in such fields as design, management, IT, engineering and many others.

As cybersports athletes point out, training is just as important as in all other sports. Systematic training, practicing tactics, and the ability to analyze the opponent's actions and predict their next steps are the key components of successful participation in cybersport competitions. And, of course, teamwork is very important.

The year 2018 has become a landmark not only for cybersport in general, but also for Turkmen gamers in particular. It was the year when the IOC gave cybersports the status of a separate sports discipline - from 2024 it should appear in the list of Olympic competitions. And in the same year Turkmen National Electronic Sports Federation was recognized by the National Olympic Committee. This means that it now has the opportunity to organize large-scale tournaments and national gatherings under the auspices of the IeSF. Turkmen cyber athletes can also participate in Top cybersports tournaments in the world.

For representatives of Turkmenistan, participation in the qualifying round and the World Championships-2022 will be not only an opportunity to enrich their experience, but also to take part in the Olympics in this sport in the future.

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