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The government of Turkmenistan is trying its best to prevent COVID-19 from entering the country

The government of Turkmenistan is resisting with all its might the penetration of COVID-19 into the territory of the country. This decision was approved on the basis of the results of the first working meeting this year, held by Turkmen leader Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov in the form of a video conference.

At the meeting, Sapardurdy Toilyev, deputy prime minister and head of the Emergency Commission to Combat the Spread of Disease, made a report on the epidemic situation in the state. In particular, he told the President about the measures being taken to counteract the pandemic.

Deputy Prime Minister S. Toylyev said that the government is making important decisions to prevent the penetration of the strain of Omicron into the territory of Turkmenistan. The activities of medical institutions are being improved, local staff more actively and extensively exchange experience with foreign specialists, strengthen cooperation with a number of UN agencies, including the WHO, and purchase drugs to improve immunity. It is planned to continue mass vaccination of Turkmen citizens.

The Turkmen leader noted that there is a risk of increased activity of infectious diseases with the onset of summer. This means that the required preventive measures should be applied in advance. In particular, preventive and awareness-raising activities and monitoring of the availability of vaccines and other medications should be carried out.

Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov emphasized that the local authorities are now carrying out full-scale activities to preserve the health of all Turkmenistanis. The leader of the nation stated that the state would spare no money to purchase reserve stocks of medicines in order to prevent and avoid infection.

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