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Weightlifter Maksat Meredov of Turkmenistan wins silver at Asian Championships

Maksat Meredov wins silver for Turkmenistan at Asian Weightlifting Championships

Weightlifter Maksat Meredov of Turkmenistan won two silver medals at the Asian Championships in the capital of Uzbekistan. Turkmenistan's representative set a personal best of 336 kg (snatch 147, jerk 189) in the 73 kg category.

The athlete from Turkmenistan successfully completed 2 approaches, breaking 143 and 147 kg. Unfortunately, Maksat Meredov did not master the one and a half centere barbell.

M. Meredov successfully recorded 180, 186, 189 kg in the jerk. Thus, he set a personal record, surpassing his results of 2019. The championship went to 27-year-old Shi Zhiyong (PRC) - with a total taken weight of 363 kg (169 + 194).

As a result, Maksat Meredov made a no-holds-barred bid for the 2021 Olympics, the final stage of selection for the Turkmen weightlifter for the Tokyo Olympics will be the junior championship in the capital of Uzbekistan.

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