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Turkmen Consul General held a meeting with the Rector of Kazan University

Consul General of Turkmenistan Guich Garayev met with Lenar Safin, rector of KFU. Among the main topics of conversation were the training of qualified personnel for both countries and the prospects for cooperation in the field of educational activities.

The representative of the diplomatic mission emphasized the importance of education and adaptation of applicants to the educational process in universities.

Students from Turkmenistan, who study at Kazan Federal University, took part in the conversation. The Consul General answered their questions and highlighted the main points about the educational process.

Turkmen students are increasingly choosing KFU for their professions. Just over 3,700 citizens of Turkmenistan study at this oldest university, which was founded back in 1804.

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  • How can I postulate to KFU in the next academic year. When will the registration for the quota to study at KFU begin?