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Turkmenistan implements green city development project

Turkmenistan implements green city development project

In the format of the UNDP project "Sustainable Cities in Turkmenistan: Integrated Development of Green Cities in Ashgabat and Avaza" the formation and implementation of the Plan of Implementation of the Innovative System of Ecology of the Capital City is carried out.

In order to implement these tasks, tools to monitor the state of the ecological environment of the capital of Turkmenistan have been purchased. In the course of research, ecosystem changes are recorded, the monitoring results of which are analyzed for reasons that include factors of anthropogenic nature.

Employees of the Ecocontrol Service's chemical laboratories use the latest equipment to assess environmental indicators of the natural environment, including industrial and transport emissions, greenhouse gases, and water pollution. Modern equipment, reliable tools and methodology of ecocontrol, and automation of monitoring equipment make it possible to obtain relevant data on the state of pollution in the natural environment.

Goals of the Sustainable Cities Project in Turkmenistan:

  • sustainable eco-urban development of the capital;
  • energy-efficient street lighting;
  • sustainable public transport solutions;
  • reduction of waste.



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