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Greening action implemented in the coastal zone of the Karakum River in Turkmenistan

A planting campaign was held on the banks of the Karakum River in Turkmenistan

The Central Asian Regional Environmental Center (CAREC) and "Karakumderyasuvkhojalyk" of the State Committee of Water Management of Turkmenistan planted trees in the coastal zone of the Karakum River. The event corresponds to the points of the Memorandum of CAREC and the abovementioned State Committee. The mission of the planting event is to strengthen and green the banks and establish the overall ecological situation.

Together we planted over a hundred tree saplings, including mulberry, albicia, maple, mellia, paulownia, ash, and sophora.

Preservation of natural environment, natural wealth and beauty for the future generations of Turkmenistan citizens is one of the key vectors of the state policy of Turkmenistan. Major reforms on increasing the pace of development of the national economy and improvement of the social sphere are closely intertwined with the environmental sector, as this is the only way to build a harmoniously developing state and society.

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