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Turkmenistan is building a water reservoir on the Karakum River

Turkmenistan is building a new reservoir on the final stretch of the Karakum River. It is located near the town of Bereket. The capacity of the new man-made reservoir will be 18 million cubic meters of water.

The construction of the water retaining structures was entrusted to the "Garagumderýagurlushyk" Production Association, a subdivision of the Committee of Water Management of Turkmenistan. Specialists believe that due to the bowl of the artificial lake it will be possible to carry out effective regulation of the river flow. As a result, the area will be protected from flooding in the springtime. The increased capacity of the main hydraulic structure of the country will also improve the drinking water supply to the population in the western regions and provide precious moisture to agricultural and industrial facilities located in this territory.


The length of the Karakum River is 1,100 km. Regulating structures and reservoirs are located throughout its territory. As a result, it has become the largest irrigation and drainage system on the planet. It is used to irrigate about 1 million hectares of agricultural land located in Turkmenistan.

Along the entire length of the river channel, work is underway to improve efficiency and rational water use. For example, near the town of Serdar, a structure is being constructed that will regulate the water level in the river. Its capacity is 68.2 cubic meters/sec. Due to this structure, a stable water supply will be provided not only to nearby settlements, but also to adjacent farmlands.

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