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Winter does not give up its positions in Turkmenistan

The last days of February in Ashgabat will be marked by frosts to -8 and below. If the temperature drops even lower, February 2021 could break the record of February 21, 1984.when the temperature dropped to -9.8.

Frosts will arrive in the Turkmen capital on Wednesday, February 24: rain with snow and up to -5 in the evening. Temperatures may drop to -6 ... -8 on the morning of February 25-26. Other regions of Turkmenistan also expect freezing weather. The coldest will be in the north: in Dashoguz to -14 ... -15. Morning frosts will be to -7 ... -12 in Akhal and Lebap regions, and to -5 ... -10 in Balkan and Mary. Snow is expected in places.


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