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Turkmenistan announces creative contests for Independence Anniversary

The Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan has announced several creative contests in honor of the year 2021 and the 30th anniversary of independence. Poets, novelists and artists, as well as journalists and historians are invited to participate.

Competitions among poets are aimed not only at identifying talented poets, but also encourage creativity in ancient poetic forms. Thus, in the competition "Independence and neutrality that inspire our hearts," its participants are invited to create a rhyming work, using ancient forms: murabbag, muedes, mukhammes, messnevi, kasida, rubagi, tahmis, gazelle or tuyug. The poets are also asked to praise in verse such symbols of the country as the Alabai or Akhalteke. Stories or articles can be written about them.

Young journalists can submit articles about Independence to participate in the contest. Novelists can also participate by submitting stories glorifying the family and national values of the Turkmen nation and its moral foundations.

Historians, ethnographers, archaeologists, and other researchers of ancestral heritage can submit their articles and books that popularize the topics they study.

Artists are invited to express themselves by creating thematic canvases and other types of fine art.

Contest materials are sent to: The last day for accepting entries is March 31, 2021. The results will be announced in April 2021.

Tel. for information: 44-02-35, 44-00-81, 44-00-71.

Source: Neutral Turkmenistan newspaper

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