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Turkmenistan's capital is preparing for the Davis Cup and the World Cycling Track Championship

В Turkmenistan's capital preparations for one of the stages of the of the international Davis Cup tennis tournament and to the world cycling championships. Last Sunday was the first organizational committee meeting. The cycling tournament is scheduled for October 13-17 of the current year, and the tennis players' competition will be September 6 to 12. The venue will be metropolitan Olympic city. It should be noted that these two sports are very popular today among young Turkmenistanis.
During its first meeting, the organizing committee, the composition of which was approved by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, reviewed the priority issues related to holding international competitions in Ashgabat. In particular, the following issues were discussed technical aspectsThe approval of the roadmapThe decision was made to involve foreign specialists in the organization of the events. Particular attention was paid to security, interpreters and volunteers, as well as the creation of uniforms for training, competition and festive action.
Earlier, the Turkmen leader signed a series of decrees, which instructed the government to agree with local and international sports associations and approve the Regulations on the qualifying round of the Davis Cup (Group of Asia and Oceania) and the world cycling championship in 2021.
Participants in the 2021 Cycling Track Championships are expected to be men and women representing about 40 countries in the world. The competitions will be held in 10 categories. In total, it is planned to organize two dozen competitions. At the same time, the President of Turkmenistan instructed the head of the Ministry of Health Provide free vaccinations against viral infections to all participants of the upcoming sports games.

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