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Turkmenistan was invited to participate in the VI World Folklore Games

Turkmenistan was invited to participate in the VI World World Folklore Games. The host of the event is the Republic of Bashkortostan (RUSSIAN FEDERATION). The participants of the large-scale international festival of traditional culture are the member countries of the CIOFF® organization. The key objective of the event - To unite the delegates of the intangible cultural heritage all over the world. Dates July 18 - August 1, 2020. The frequency of the festival is once in four years. four years.

Speaking to the board of the republican Ministry of Culture, Director of the Folk Art Center of the Republic of Bashkortostan A. Alibakov noted that invitations to participate in the folklore festival were sent to Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Georgia and Kazakhstan. Almost all the nations Almost all have confirmed their intention to take part and negotiations are still under way with Turkmenistan. negotiations are still in progress with Turkmenistan.

During the VI World Folklore Games creative teams of participating countries will not only demonstrate the creations of masters of arts and crafts, will hold concert performances, costume parades, master classes and national game events, but also get acquainted with the natural monuments of the Republic of Bashkortostan to learn more about local attractions and cultural characteristics. For this purpose, the program of events includes "Ethno-Day".


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