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Training course for business consultants held in Ashgabat

February 18 - 21 in the capital's Hotel Archabil is training course "Fundamentals of management consulting", organized by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) with the support of the European Union.

This interactive, applied, 4-day course in the EBRD's Develop Your Counseling Business training series will teach local counselors how to use basic counseling techniques and tools, help develop diagnostic and analytical skills to identify client strengths and weaknesses, and improve their skills in handling counseling projects.

Valentina Grigorieva, coach

Trainer: Valentina Grigorieva - MBA, CMC® (Certified Management Consultant), Chair of Marketing Committee of CMC Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan Chamber of Management Consultants), HR and strategic planning consultant. With ten years of experience as a consultant with small and medium-sized businesses in Kazakhstan and Russia, she teaches our compatriots the necessary skills in the field of consulting.

Private entrepreneurs are interested in business advice for the growth and competitiveness of their companies. The EBRD works to create a competitive marketplace with a wide range of consulting services and qualified and competent consultants. The EBRD's Develop Your Consulting Business training series helps consultants learn the basic skills, tools and techniques needed to provide effective and efficient consulting services. 

The EBRD has been training consultants in Turkmenistan since 2012. During this time, 145 consultants have been trained, 113 of whom have been trained through EBRD trainings from the "Develop Your Consultancy Business" series. 

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