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"Turkmen Alabai" became an International Association

The International Turkmen Alabai Association, reorganized from the Turkmen Alabai Association, has its own headquarters in Ashgabat. The first constituent meeting of the newly formed organization was held there with nearly 200 representatives attending it. Some of them attended the meeting through the video link.

The founding of the Turkmen Alabai Association took place in May 2020. The main aspirations of the organization were the improvement of the breed and its worldwide promotion. The transition to the format of the International Association will make it possible to organize various world-class events dedicated to this breed in Turkmenistan.

The foreign participants of the meeting wholeheartedly supported the initiative on moving the Association to the interstate level. The decision on the establishment of the International Turkmen Alabai Association with its headquarters in the capital of Turkmenistan was unanimously adopted. The Charter of the Association was also registered. The Association was composed of representatives of 11 countries. Among them are dog breeders from China, Turkey, France, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Iran and Uzbekistan.

Serdar Berdymukhamedov was elected chairman of the association, and cynologist Annageldi Yazmyradov was elected his deputy.

The delegates fully supported the establishment of Turkmen Alabai Day. The celebration will take place every year on the last Sunday in April, together with the meetings of the organization.

During the founding congress, the participants were presented with a book in Arabic authored by the President of Turkmenistan and devoted to the alabai.


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