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"Turkmennebit successfully develops new oil and gas horizons

According to the results of 7 months of 2020, the subdivisions of the State Concern "Turkmennebit" exceeded the planned indicators of hydrocarbon production. For example, the volume of oil production during this period amounted to 2.290 million tons (106.7% of the planned), and the volume of gas production - 1.157 billion cubic meters (148.6% of the planned).

To a large extent, the success in meeting the targets depends on the drilling departments. The State Concern "Turkmennebit" includes several such formations. The most productive work was demonstrated by Nebitdag department, which drilled a total of 34.679 thousand meters. At the same time, a depth of 3,375 thousand meters was drilled in excess.

This was made possible thanks to the unit's excellent material and technical base, as well as qualified personnel.

The use of technical means allowed the Korpeji Drilling Division of SC "Turkmennebit" to drill 10 wells during the reporting period, 8 of which can already be operated. The unit was planned to drill a total depth of 30.761 thousand meters from the beginning of the year. In practice, the company managed to reach a figure of 31.756 thousand meters.

Other production units of the State Concern carry out high-quality transportation and installation of pipes through the effective use of special overhead cranes with a capacity of 12.5 tons.


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