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Turkmen-Russian university will train medical and technical specialists

Ashgabat plans to implement a joint training project between Russia and Turkmenistan. The Turkmen-Russian University will open departments to train specialists in the technical and medical spheres.

At the moment a preliminary draft agreement between the governments on the conditions of operation of the educational institution has been prepared. It is assumed that the joint university will initially be coordinated by the designated educational institutions of the two countries.

Educational programs will be implemented according to the standards of higher education of the Russian Federation. Colleagues from Turkmenistan in this regard handed over the list of specialties approved by order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

During the discussion of the project, the Russian and Turkmen sides touched on the topic of admission of applicants from Turkmenistan to Russian universities. Every year, the Russian government allocates a quota for Turkmen students. This year it was 250 places, next year the same number is planned, in the future the quota may be increased.


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  • Where is the Turkmen-Russian University? Where you can go for questions of interest.

  • People have just begun to build the university. It will open by September 1, 2023. I myself work at the university, so I know all the news in the country. I follow the comments.