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Turkmen horses conquer Iran

About a hundred purebreds Turkmen horses became participants equestrian festivalheld in of the Iranian province of Golestan, in the city Aliyabad-e-Katule. The event aims to promote agritourism and travel in this northern province of Iran.

The festival brought together breeders, trainers and horse owners who live not only in the Golestanabut also other Iranian provinces. Tehran, Northern Khorasan and Khorasan Razavi.

The Turkmen horse stands out among its brethren in the first place because of its slender build. However, this horse is not only agile and graceful, but also very hardy and brave. Local horse breeders note that breeding this breed is one of the most labor-intensive in the world.

The province of Golestan, where the equestrian festival was held, offers tourists to visit more than 2,500 sites. Among them there are both historical monuments and natural attractions. For example, the Gonbad e Cabus, a tower built of brick about a millennium ago, is of interest to history lovers. The object, which is included in the list of cultural heritage of UNESCO, is a proof of the cultural exchange that took place between the inhabitants of ancient Iran and the nomadic tribes of the Central Asian region.

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