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Protect yourself from COVID-19 in hot weather: Turkmenistan received recommendations from WHO

According to the results of the video conference with the WHO, held on May 26, Turkmenistan will start preparing for the summer period under the COVID-19 pandemic.

International experts stressed that there is currently no reason to believe that the infection is deactivated by high temperatures. Therefore, WHO experts provided the Turkmen authorities with detailed instructions to prevent the emergence and spread of COVID-19 in hot weather.

Earlier the position on the vitality of the virus in different climatic conditions was voiced by M. Van Kerkhove, head of the WHO Department of Emergencies. She cited the example of Mexico, where in summer the air can get up to 50 degrees, but there have already been recorded more than 74,000 cases of COVID-19.

The population is advised to avoid heat, make sure not to overheat, take care of a comfortable temperature in the house. It is especially important to avoid dehydration of the body.

In Turkmenistan, the situation remains stable and no cases of COVID-19 have been detected.


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