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The album-monograph "Turan Romanticism" includes works by artists from Turkmenistan

The two-volume book "Turan Romanticism" is an album-monograph, which was released in Kazakhstan by the results of the International Online Exhibition 2022. This is reported by the online publication "Turkmenistan: The Golden Age".

The two-volume collection includes the best works of talented artists of the 21st century from 30 countries - more than 250 works are presented.

The "Turan Romanticism" art movement emerged in Kazakhstan, a special direction in painting and drawing, the important features of which are the romanticization of the images of the heroes of the Great Steppe.

The works of Turkmen artists reflect the rich historical heritage of the people. The painters were inspired by the original Turkmen culture, exploits of national heroes and deeds of famous personalities. Twenty-five works by contemporary painters, graphic artists and sculptors of Turkmenistan were selected for the online exhibition.

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